About Us

We have been in the property business in Spain since 2003 and boy oh boy have there been some changes in this time! We started out in and around Malaga province and sold properties mainly to the European expat population.

We always strived to promote quirky properties or something out of the ordinary to try and stand apart from the other agencies, it seems that anybody and everybody aspired to be an agent in those days but the tough times sorted out those with staying power from those fly by nights, and now? Yes we are still here and very active in the property in Spain business.

The Isla Canela development  we believe is a place with a difference, it’s certainly quirky, has the smile factor and the location is superb, its an absolute pleasure to promote and everyone who is involved is dedicated to the place, its not just a place, Isla Canela is a way of life, so why not make it yours?

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Isla Canela Property 🙂