Adventure Sports Around Isla Canela

Adventure Sports Around Isla Canela

If you have not had enough extreme experiences in these pandemic months and are looking for adventure in and around Isla Canel here are some ideas.

Isla Canela Kitesurfing

Located at the mouth of the Guadiana river in the Atlantic ocean, the beaches of Isla Canela, are a destination frequented by lovers of kitesurfing which is a form of surfing in which the board is attached to a huge kite that allows you to fly over the water.
The winds from the area and the waves contribute to a unique experience in which there is a place for beginners and the more experienced thanks to the courses offered by companies in the area.

The most famous Caminito

Today the Caminito del Rey in Malaga has become a very safe experience, although not suitable for people with fear of heights.
A huge walkway allows you to cross the impressive gorge with amazing views of the Las Encantadas reservoir. For those who want more, the Via Ferrata del Chorro has Tibetan bridges, a monkey bridge and a zip line of more than 30 meters suitable only for experienced people.

Canyoning in the Río Verde

The Canyoning is another of the sports in close contact with nature and adventure although not without some risk, which combines elements and techniques of caving and mountaineering . It is a semi-aquatic sport that consists of descending a ravine, canyon or cliff, avoiding different natural obstacles of different difficulty.
One of the most spectacular options is found in the Río Verde canyons, in Otivar, Granada. It is very close to the capital city and has different levels suitable for both adults and children.

Rafting in Benameji

The section of the Río Genil that runs between Benameji and Palenciana, Cordoba, is one of the most visited places by lovers of rafting. Going down the river surrounded by stunning natural beauty is already an experience, but doing it in the whitewater stretches is even better. It has high, medium and low levels of difficulty for all kinds of ages.

Algodonales paragliding

Who would not like to fly? The paraglider is one of the best ways to practice free flight. In Algodonales, Cadiz it can be done without the need for any training thanks to the companies that offer two seater paragliding flights with specialized staff.

Almería is diving

Diving is another exciting sports activity that more and more people are following given the beauty and tranquility of the deep sea. It has become one of the favourite water sports for spending free time due to its versatility and its ability to defeat stress, tension and forget about worries while being in the transparent waters that allow you to observe the animal and plant species of the Almerian Mediterranean.

Through the caves of Jaen

Today caving is a risky sports activity like any other. The Sierra de Segura, in Jaen, is a magnificent source of caves to explore. In Pozo Alcon and Cueva Baja you will encounter lakes, waterfalls, lava flows and other amazing landscapes of the underground world.

The surf in Tarifa

Tarifa is where the most championships and events are held, and it is the ideal place for both beginners and the more experienced. There are many companies in Tarifa that offer courses and activities for surfing, one of the most popular water sports on the coast of Cadiz.

Kayaking and Canoeing in Maro-Cerro Gordo

The Acantilados de Maro-Cerro Gordo Natural Area, in Nerja, Malaga forms a narrow strip next to the coast, which is twelve kilometers wide and goes a mile into the sea. It is mainly characterized by steep and spectacular cliffs, up to 75 meters in height, between which beautiful beaches and small coves are spotted. Travelling through the area on a kayak is a pleasure for the senses and sailing through its turquoise and crystal waters, passing under one of its waterfalls or bathing in areas that are only accessible by kayak.