Beaches 2020 Isla Canela

Beaches 2020 Isla Canela

As we move forward towards the new normal the thoughts of relaxing on the beaches at Isla Canela are welcoming thoughts.

The Andalusian Government has invested heavily to provide municipalities with resources and materials that contribute to guaranteeing the protection and safety of visitors both on the beach and in the sea.

There will be a mixture of aquatic motorcycles or boats, pick up vehicles, lifeguards, a zodiac type boat with a trailer, a 4 x 4 quad or jet ski with a trailer.

The Andalusian Government has launched a series of recommendations so that everyone can enjoy the beach, although the town councils of the coastal towns of Huelva have been working since the start of the pandemic (with more emphasis since de-escalation) to offer common guidelines for all citizens to have the same conditions on the Huelva coast.

Among the recommendations of the Board, it is worth noting to shower before going and when you arrive at the beach, and not to stay for more than four hours to avoid crowds. The recommendations also include other health protection for the opening of areas and bathing waters in Andalusia. The main indication is to “stay home” if you have “symptoms of Covid-19 . ” This is followed by others such as extreme individual hygiene measures, which would include taking care that our bathroom clothes and accessories are clean, using one towel per person, maintaining hand hygiene, avoiding touching hands, nose and mouth, do not swallow water, and keep the safety distance to avoid contagion.

You will be allowed to play sports, as long as it is individually and without physical contact, allowing a minimum distance of two meters to be maintained between the participants. A distance that continues to be maintained between the rest of the bathers both on the sand and in the bathroom.

In coastal areas where sunbeds and umbrellas on the beach is common, it is recommended that they be distributed in such a way that the safety distance can be maintained or if not that physical barriers be provided, easy to clean and disinfect, among users. And it is recommended that no mattresses or mats are used, urging the use of a personal towel.

There will also be beach agents to advise on safety and hygiene in the coastal bathing areas. Capacity will be limited and distance between bathers must be observed.