Blue Flag for Isla Canela

Blue Flag for Isla Canela

Blue Flags have been awarded for the Isla Canela and Punta del Moral beaches. This was announced by the mayor of the city, who was very pleased to hear the news of this award, which, in the words of the first mayor, represents an important recognition of the work carried out throughout the year for this government team, who since their arrival at the City Council put all their efforts and effort into recovering this badge that the beaches had lost due to the mismanagement of the previous municipal government and that  now recover for the beaches and marinas.

The award, which will fly again this summer on the coastline, also represents a boost for the promotion of the beaches, especially in this difficult year, as a safe and quality tourist destination, as well as recognition of the enormous work which is assuming its adaptation to the new circumstances. The mayor added that the recovery of the blue flags responds to one of her main commitments made with the city, while still running for mayor of the coastal municipality. It should be noted that the criteria for obtaining the Blue Flag are fundamentally based on the quality of bathing water, environmental information and education, environmental management and safety, and the services and facilities provided by the City Council. It is a prestigious award that the European Foundation for Environmental Education (ADEAC) awards annually, since 1987. The awards granted to the two Ayamontinan beaches are added to the two blue flags that have been obtained by the marinas of Ayamonte and Marina Isla Canela, as well as the Ecoplaya Flags for Isla Canela, Punta del Moral and Los Haraganes.

Blue Flags are already held in Islantilla, Isla Cristina and Lepe, Playa del Parador, Moguer, San Miguel, El Rompido,

Regarding Huelva’s marinas, the awards also improve with the incorporation of a new badge for the Nuevo Portil Nautical Sports Association in Cartaya. Well, to Cartaya we add those that already had a blue flag in 2019 the Ayamonte marina, Marina Isla Canela in Ayamonte, Isla Cristina marina, the Mazagón marina in Palos de la Frontera and the Marina in Lepe.

At the Andalusian level, the region registers the best number of blue flags this season since recognition is granted with 120 badges, 24 more awards than in 2019. The effort made throughout the year by the Tourism Council of the Board of Andalusia has made it possible  to set a record for distinctions this season. The excellence of the coast is once again evident and hopefully  it is in anticipation of an outstanding summer.