Boat Trip Isla Canela

Boat Trip Isla Canela

This trip from Isla Canela ventures into the Portuguese border to the towns of Vila Real de Sto Antonio and Castro Marim.

Castro Marim is a small Portuguese town that belongs to the district of Faro region of the Algarve, Portugal here you can see the castle of Castro Marim and enjoy panoramic views over the Algarve and the border with Spain.

There is also a visit to Vila Real de Sto Antonio a Portuguese city in the district of Faro, here you will see the Increbiles River beaches next to the river Guadiana.
This Natural Reserve was created on March 27, 1975 to protect the surrounding area of the Guadiana River estuary.

With this tour you will see the beauty of the Portuguese villages located right next to the border with Spain. There is a variety of landscape, history and nature mix to offer the best of the Algarve.

The tour lasts for a half day ans is suitable for children, adults, and the older generation. Included are a guide, boat ride and transport.