Boat Trip Isla Canela

Boat Trip Isla Canela

This boat trip on the Ria de Isla Cristina, Isla Canela is another great excursion. The trip starts from the marina at Isla Cristina, Isla Canela and takes about one hour and includes tapas and wine.

Here you will learn about of the second most important port in Spain. The captain and guide will tell you all about fishing and you will see the activity of fishermen and shellfishes who are working at the time of the trip.

Once in the fishing port you will see the different parts of it, as well as its operation, schedules, etc, watching the activity going on at the time of the visit including fishing discharges, entrance of boats, etc. The origin of millions of palates around the world.

Next you will enter the marshes and natural landscapes, a unique setting exempt from the hand of man where you will enjoy among other things, the great variety of native and migratory birds such as cormorants, pits, fish eagles, etc.

You will continue to the mussel’s punts where there will be a stop on the way to taste the authentic white prawn which is served individually, and accompanied by DO wine. County of Huelva, Isla Canela. You will pass through the fishermen’s quarter Punta del Moral, Isla Canela and Isla de Canela and arrive at the estuary of the Ria, to return to the drop off point which is the same as the starting point.