Castro Marim Castle, Isla Canela

Castro Marim Castle, Isla Canela

On the top of one hill stands  castle marim, Isla Canela, on the other a star-shaped fort. Between them the houses of Castro Marim, Isla Canela, with their white walls with brightly painted borders, their flat roofs and their ornate chimneys sculpted into lace like patterns.

Linking the church, the castle and the fort, the streets of Castro Marim, Isla Canela are lined with houses whose simplicity is typical of the architecture of the Algarve. White predominates, broken here and there by ochres and luminous blues.

Looking out from Castro Marim castle you have the sea on one side and on the other the round shape hills as far as one can see. These are the uplands challenging those who like bird watching, to walk or to cycle, and who appreciate the charming natural world.

From the city walls you will have a wonderful view over the Forte de São Sebastiao village (now closed to the public), the salt flats, the Guadiana river and the bridge that connects Portugal and Spain.

Inside the castle, next to the tower, there was the church of Santiago, built in the XIV century. This church was the first headquarters of the village and was part of the Convent of Christ of the Order of Knights. In 1504 it was transformed into military barracks.