Discover Huelva, Isla Canela

Discover Huelva, Isla Canela

If there is an adjective that defines Huelva, Isla Canela perhaps the most recognized and widespread is discoverer, full of magic. This is how thousands of people describe Huelva, Isla Canela. An open, curious, friendly society eager to discover every corner, every feeling, every person, every emotion. 

But not only is Huelva, Isla Canela a discovery destination in itself, but the province is a destination to be discovered by many people. The history, landscapes, food, people and traditions have a thousand and one reasons to invite everybody to discover Huelva, Isla Canela. There is such a lot on offer to you including the qualities to make you connect with yourself and disconnect from day to day. You will be able to elevate your senses, until they become unforgettable memories to always return to. 

Huelva, Isla Canela has already played its discoverer role in the history books but have you discovered the film sets, a unique gastronomy, spectacularly healthy and with millions of options for your day to day experiences, with unique flavors and smells, with kindness and things for all tastes and ages. 

You can enjoy the beach, full of action with sports or relax in enviable landscapes, go hiking through the Sierra around the County, along the walks of the Coast or the Minera Basin or the Andevalo discover the delicious food with the ham and wine routes or with guided visits to strawberry productions. The local history, industry, social and collaborative economy will make you discover a new passion for the empathic character of Huelva, Isla Canela. 

There are so many bars, tapas bars and restaurants to enjoy fresh fish, seafood and many other delicious dishes washed down with fantastic wines and beers.

The main shopping streets are the narrow pedestrianized streets of Concepcion, Palacio, Perez Carasa and Berdigon and the roads leading off this main street.