Ecomuseum Molino del Pintado, Isla Canela

Ecomuseum Molino del Pintado, Isla Canela

One of the must see things in Ayamonte, Isla Canela is the Ecomuseum Molino del Pintado which is  located in a privileged area of ​​the marshes.

The Ecomuseum is surrounded by an ideal destination for tourists wishing to enter the Marshes Nature Reserve of Ayamonte and Isla Canela where this great salt water tidal mill restored a few years ago in a unique environment of Ayamonte.

Access is very easy you can reach the Ecomuseum by motorcycle, bike or just taking a walk along the natural path. The building was dedicated milling wheat which used technology of hydraulic mills, using the force of the tides to move their milling wheels depending on the tides

Inside the Molino del Pintado there is a visitor center divided into 5 areas reception and customer service, audiovisual room, the natural landscape, grinding room and area RENPA, where visitors will be involved in a carousel images, music and real sounds.

You can enjoy the environment using the installed natural merenderos. It is an ideal place to go to rest, ride bikes or photograph native birds in the area.

The Marshes Natural Park of Ayamonte and Isla Canela also have three trails the Salina del Duque , Molino Tidal Pozo del Camino and Laguna del Prado.