Fiesta Ayamonte, Isla Canela

Fiesta Ayamonte, Isla Canela

The Fiestas de las Angustias are in honor of the patron saint and protector of Ayamonte, Isla Canela Nuestra Senora de las Angustias. For 5 days the fairground is the soul of the party. There are bars, the amusement park, the concerts and the festivals. The streets of Ayamonte are overflowing with people showing off their best clothes.

The program includes folk verbena, parades and performances in the fairground and in the Plaza de Espana. There are many activities for the little ones. Besides dancing you can taste the best gastronomy of Andalusia.

The big day of the Fiestas is Saturday, September 8, 2018. At  9:00 p.m. the patron is carried in a procession. The parade leaves from the Parish of Las Angustias and travels through the streets of the city accompanied by the faithful and fireworks. The celebrations carry on until the early hours of the morning.

Since this meeting has been held due to the creation of the Eurocity of the Guadiana the local towns of Ayamonte and Villa Real de San Antonio perform joint events in both countries such as raising flags parades.

Once in Ayamonte both bands have a very tight schedule between concerts and parades which  delight the Ayamontinos and visitors.