Jet Ski Isla Canela

Jet Ski Isla Canela

Jet Skis are available to rent from the Marina at Isla Canela for the experience of exploring the coast of Huelva and the Portuguese Algarve. You can choose  one of the eight routes accompanied by approved expert guides and enjoy the Atlantic coast and its virgin beaches in their purest state.

This is a unique experience that will allow you to explore the coast  in a natural environment that we help to conserve so that we can continue to enjoy it.


The Jet Skis are a fleet of SEA DOO GTI SE 130 2018 2017, incorporating the latest advances in safety and comfort to enjoy the sea. There are various different routes below is an example of three of them.


Leaves the base port Marina Isla Canela, in the natural setting of Punta del Moral. We visit the Isla Cristina and Isla Canela and, if the waves allow  bathe in the open sea. On the way back we cross the estuary of the Carreras River. natural anchorage since Roman times and with a large number of fishing boats.


Lleaves Marina Isla Canela heading towards the marshes of Isla Canela, entering the Canela channel, towards the Guadiana River, in a landscape that is less and less humanized, almost unreal. Once in the Guadiana, we visit the fish market of Ayamonte, where they sell the catche from the fishing boats, we pass under the bridge that joins Spain and Portugal. Again we begin the return with a refreshing swim in the open sea and continue back to the base port along the coast of Isla Canela.


We start the trip heading to the open sea, to take in the beaches of fine sand and sun dazzle from the mouth of Carreras.  A visit to the fish market of Isla Cristina, where there is one of the largest fishing fleets in Spain. Entering the Carreras River and see the Salinas de Isla Cristina. We returned to the base port Marina Isla Canela, not before having fun with the waves and after another refreshing dip in the open sea.