Juan Carlos Dam Isla Canela

Juan Carlos Dam Isla Canela

The entrance to the Port of Huelva, Isla Canela is protected by a sand dike named dam Juan Carlos I. This together with the Pharos lighthouse of Picacho Mazagon mark the entrance to the Port.

Its range is 12 miles the average height above sea level is 31 meters 26 meters from its base and its lights are GpD 3 +1)B 20s. That is group of 3 + 1 flashing white every 20 seconds.

To all those who like to travel who like adventures and escapades like us feel a special interest in the Lighthouses of any coast. Surely because they evoke sea voyages trips to the end of the world and bring us to the imagination a keeper with a white beard smoking a pipe contemplating from the top of his tower as The sea breaks over the cliffs.

This idyllic image of the Lighthouses perhaps corresponds to other times but if I tell you the truth there is no child who does not spend an adventure in his head as he sees for the first time a lighthouse.

On the coasts of Huelva there are only three lighthouses active of a total of four that are installed. These are El Rompido,  El Picacho in Mazagon and Torre la Higuera in Matalascanas.

The rest of constructions that work in a similar way to a lighthouse such as the one in Espigon dike Juan Carlos I or the one in Cantil in Isla Cristina are not classes as lighthouses but beacons. This is due to the reach in miles of the light beam that they deploy the Lighthouses is greater than in the Beacons.