La Laja Port Isla Canela

La Laja Port Isla Canela

The Port of La Laja is an old mining port located in the municipality of El Granado in province of Huelva, Isla Canela.

Located on the left bank of the Guadiana River a few kilometers downstream from the mining port of Pomarao was built in the nineteenth century associated with the extractions of Santa Catalina, Cabeza de Pasto and Mine of Las Herrerías of the Iberian pyrite strip .

The mining extractions of Cabeza del Pasto and Las Herrerías arrived at the port initially transported by vehicles and later by a railway section completed around 1888. The shipment of ore was hampered by the shallow depth of the river which did not allow berthing of vessels of more than 2000 tons. In 1923 the company Saint Gobain extended the port and dredged the river. La Laja was used for the unloading of ore and machinery for the mines which remained in operation until 1965.

From the old structures you can still see the tanks and hoppers where the ore was unloaded by tilting the cars stationed on the upper deck. The coverage of the deposits have disappeared as the equipment for the transport of iron ore in the ships.

The mining railroad was 32 km long and a narrow track of only 76.2 cm. It operated between 1888 and 1965.

The last 9 kilometers of the line had to overcome an unevenness of about 200 m with a maximum slope of 2.26% and very tight curves. This last section of very winding and even included a small tunnel, was the last to be built to replace an aerial cable that for about 4 km connected El Sardon (then end of the line) with the Puerto de la Laja.

As in the neighboring Sao Domingos-Pomarao line there is nothing left but remains of the structure. The rails were dismantled and sold as scrap metal. The platform of the line has become a tourist attraction because it allows cycling by what has been conditioned as part of the Guadiana Greenway .