Parque Dunar, Isla Canela

Parque Dunar, Isla Canela

The Parque Dunar, Isla Canela is surrounded by pine forests and dunes. A few years ago they created a series of paths on the dunes and very beautiful pine forests , which were usually found on the coasts of Cadiz and Huelva.

From the bus stop right at the entrance of the town you can access both the Dunar viewpoint and the Dunar Park . Both walks are great. As you leave the car park and go up to a small viewpoint from which you will see Matalascanas, the beach and the Dunar Park. The viewpoint is on a fossil dune.

Likewise the exit is from the entrance of Matalacanas at the bus stop. It is perfectly marked as it is one of the few attractions of Matalascanas apart from the beaches. It is also the access to the Museum of the Marine World.

There are multiple paths to choose . The route that I followed starts on the footbridge that passes over the dunes and leads to the beach. Along the way there are two paths on the sand I followed the second looking for the museum and then I took the path that leads back to the beginning of the park.

There are also animals in cages such as camels, llamas, horses and geese. It is a short, easy and very pleasant walk . There are moments that you have the impression of being outside of civilization . The only difficulty to say the least is that much of the way is done on sand and it is not the most comfortable place to walk.