River Guadiana Nature Trail, Isla Canela

River Guadiana Nature Trail, Isla Canela

The Guadiana Nature Trail runs through the provinces of Albacete, Ciudad Real, Caceres, Badajoz and Huelva, Isla Canela. This trail begins at Villablanca it is easy as it runs through mostly flat ground with barely any slopes. You can begin to feel the breeze from the nearby ocean.

Leaving Villablanca behind the first few kilometres of this trail run along the Camino de Zaballa. We find La Estacada Rest Area which is the last of the modern rest areas built to provide shelter for cyclists and hikers travelling this Nature Trail. The route runs along Vereda de la Zaballa. The landscape is typical Mediterranean scrubland with several tree species including kermes oak, wild olive, Aleppo pine and stone pine. There are also thickets of rockrose, yellow broom and rosemary. The landscape is framed by olive trees.

The wildlife consists of rabbit, hare, and deer as well as a variety of bird species, including common hoopoe song thrush and woodpigeon.

After 6.5 kilometres the trail turns left at an intersection heading towards Ayamonte, Isla Canela. Further on the path reaches a ford on Almendras Creek. Past the creek the Nature Trail continues another 200 metres along to the left bank of Grande Creek. The route approaches the River Guadiana along which it will run for a long stretch always with stunning views. The trail reaches an intersection turning left towards el Regajo del Pozo del Alcalde which is spanned by a bridge.

The Trail ventures through  an unchanging landscape of isolated pinewoods next to eucalyptus groves, holm oaks, olive and wild olive trees as well as typical Mediterranean shrub. The only exception is the vegetation that can be found near the streams and rivers mentioned above.

La Guerrera-La Pedraza Rest Area is the next place of interest in this Trail. Next we cross through an underpass the A-49 motorway linking Spain and Portugal. Past this point, the route travels through an industrial park taking the right exit at the roundabout. The Trail goes through the marshlands at the mouth of the River Guadiana, Isla Canela from where you can see the Guadiana International Bridge. The Trail ends at the edge of Ayamonte, Isla Canela.