Roman Bridge, Isla Canela

Roman Bridge, Isla Canela

The Roman bridge is in the village of Niebla, Isla Canela. It is situated over the Tinto River at the entrance to the town this is one of the best known architectural elements in Niebla, Isla Canela. It was rebuilt in 1936 after one of its arches was blown up at the beginning of the Civil War.

A thousand year old town the ancient capital of the county of that name, which stands on a hill overlooking the Rio Tinto within an enclosure punctuated by rectangular and octagonal towers it is one of the most beautiful towns of Huelva, Isla Canela.

The walled city retains some of its old form and among its monuments you will find the Alcazar de los Condes de Niebla, the Mosque, Church of Nuestra Senora de la Granada, the Church of S. Martin and the Hospital de Santa Maria. Outside the walls are the bridge and the Roman Aqueduct.

A landscape which is diverse for this territory joins a rich and complex succession of historical cultures that have made its name famous the world over.

At the highest point navigable of the river Niebla was the destination for the minerals produced by Andevalo and agricultural surplus from the countryside and also a strategic communications centre between Seville and the Algarve especially when during Roman times, they lifted the bridge that still stands in the river.