Sailing Isla Canela

Sailing Isla Canela

There is a great  sailing school located in Punta del Moral and Isla Canela, in Ayamonte, which has been offering activities since 2002. It takes place in an incomparable setting on a beach with shallow waters sheltered from currents and waves by a natural barrier of sand. Also because of its geographical location there is usually a perfect constant breeze for the initiation to sailing.

The main activities offered by the sailing school are catamaran, windsurf, canoe, kitesurf and catamaran. With these activities it practically covers all those interested in carrying out activities at sea ranging from children to the older.

The sailing schools are located close to a car park. In the surrounding areas are restaurants, cafes and supermarkets. But, at the same time they are located at the beach. You can feel in the middle of the nature since we are in a natural enclave of magnificent beauty as is the Bajo Guadiana.

There is an information office to help you in whatever you need, a classroom where they teach the students before go to sailing and a tent to store the material. It also has shower and changing room.

The school has 5 catamaranes, 25 windsurf equipment, 20 paddle surf boards, 30 places among double and simple kayaks, 20 surf boards, 5 children’s catamarans, 20 hidropedales and 150 lifejackets