Spa Salino Salt Pans and Mineral Baths

Spa Salino Salt Pans and Mineral Baths

Spa Salino is located at Castro Marim you will find it going toward Vila Real de Santo António, on a narrow dirt road  you see the signs to the salt mines arquinha. Follow this track and you will arrive at the Salt Spa.

We were shown around the salt pans with a good explanation of the centennial production process, from the entry of the Atlantic Ocean water t0 the artisanal sea salt and Flor de Sal ready for the table.

The process keeps alive the tradition of the production of Portuguese salt, always recognized as high quality, according to ancestral methods that preserve all the mineral elements present in the ocean water, giving us the correct amount of trace elements essential to human life such as magnesium and potassium.

The salt is produced in the natural reserve of the Sapal de Castro Marim, with water free from any pollution, being brought to your table fresh by the action of the sun and the wind, without any treatment, free of dyes and artificial chemical elements.

We had time to relax and enjoy sensory experiences that balance your energy. Floating in mineral salts, saline clay application, salt flower exfoliation, massage and yoga.. A great experience totally relaxing a for sure the feel good factor