Summer on the beaches around Isla Canela

Summer on the beaches around Isla Canela

The coastal municipalities around Isla Canela are busy these days getting their coastline ready with a view to June 15, the date on which the beach plans come into force. This year with the addition of having to face the regulations derived from the current crisis by Covid-19, especially in aspects related to capacity control.

An issue that the municipalities of the West Coast of Huelva will face by dividing up the beaches and implementing a computer application that will report in real time via mobile on the level of occupation of each plot with a color system as follows green for low occupancy, yellow for medium and red when complete.  This app will display a map of the entire West Coast with the status of each plot.

So far, the number of plots for capacity control purposes have been confirmed by the Lepe Town Halls, which will divide its beaches into nine zones; Punta Umbría, which will do so in eight; Islantilla at 14 and Ayamonte at four. Isla Cristina beach will not be divided into plots although the capacity will be controlled.

Real-time information on the occupation of the beaches will be possible thanks to the data that will be added to said system by both the personnel assigned to the beaches of each municipality, and the workers that the Board will hire. exceptionally due to the health crisis within the framework of the Safe Playas 2020 Plan.

These people, in addition, will be in charge of warning bathers about the state of occupation of each plot, referring them to others in case of high occupation appealing to citizen responsibility. The application will take into account the state of the tides since the capacity is reduced during high tide.

The initiative is informative and not sanctioning, and its objective is to promote the beaches of Huelva as a unique and safe destination by being part of the new brand created by the Consortium under the motto Playas de Huelva. Your safe destination. This campaign joins the measures that municipalities and companies are adopting to reduce the risk of coronavirus, making it possible to combine the enjoyment of these spaces and their services with the safety of the visitor.

The City Council will also launch an intense preventive information campaign and appealing to the responsibility of the citizens, with abundant posters and real-time information on the gauging and the state of occupation of the beaches. Likewise, there will be a greater vigilance and presence of operators to guarantee compliance with the regulations, especially in terms of gauging and safety distance.