Tourists return to Isla Canela

Tourists return to Isla Canela

The shops and restaurants located on the beach in Isla Canela continue serving food and drinks to tourists from all over the national provinces. Ayamonte’s beaches, natural surroundings, gastronomy and warmth are the main attractions for tourism.

Isla Canela beach today had the visit from Maria Angeles Muriel, Tourism delegate in Huelva and the mayor Natalia Santos along with other members of the government team. They have positively commented on the state and care of the town’s beaches, highlighting the recovery in this 2020 of two Blue Flags, a prestigious badge that recognizes compliance with their environmental conditions and facilities. The Ayamonte city council has launched the Beach Plan operation for this summer, which presents a very different scenario than usual, marked by measures adapted to the new situation of Covid 19 and the safety of bathers.

Fresh fish, Iberian meats and fruits from nearby fields are just some of the products that you can find in the Municipal Market of Corrales. Their stalls are meeting places with customers and stall holders. The regular season continues, with a few changes to reflect the continued need for social distancing. Opening hours will be every Sunday, 9am-12pm. Masks are required to enter and dogs are temporarily not permitted in the market. All walking in the market will move in a single clockwise direction no zig-zagging across the market, but feel free to pass people.

Isla Cristina prepares its great tourism attraction for the arrival of summer visitors. The restaurants are busy so that everything is ready for the opening of the borders. During these weeks, many visitors from other provinces have already enjoyed this part of the Huelva coastline.

The Municipal Sports Board of Ayamonte has published the summer sports activities which will take place during the months of July and August. Ayamonte offers a sports program for all ages that combines the most practiced sports at this time of year with the natural spaces of the city.

The Pozo del Camino neighborhood of Isla Cristina and Ayamonte would usually celebrate its patron saint festivities in honor of Maria Auxiliadora this month. Emilio Lopez, president of the San Juan Bosco Neighborhood Association explains  that the residents of Pozo del Camino look forward to this festival as the devotion to Maria Auxiliadora is very great in the neighborhood. They look forward to the arrival of 2021 to be able to celebrate their festivals again.