Traditional Salt Harvested at Isla Canela

Traditional Salt Harvested at Isla Canela

Flor de Sal

The salt crystals which form on the surface of the water in the evaporation ponds are called (Flor de Sal), Flower of salt. It is harvested from the top of the water when the salt crystals form, in the hot summer afternoons. This salt is the highest quality  and it is used to give that final taste to dishes and also in cold sauces. It is pure white with a smooth texture but a crunchy taste and only the traditional salt flats offer this type of salt. It has less sodium and is rich in magnesium, calcium, fluorine and iodine.

Salt Pyramids

The flor de sal which is not skimmed off the surface before nightfall is left for the next morning and harvested in crystals in the shape of pyramids. The salt has nearly all the same qualities as the flor de sal but it doesn’t dissolve as quickly.

Salt Flakes

Salt flakes are suspended in the water and are harvested using a fine net attached to a poll similar to those used when cleaning a pool. This salt is used when cooking fish, meat and many other food and has a stronger taste than the previous two salts, it absorbs some of the juices from the food being cooked.

 Salt Foam

This salt is a mixture between salt flakes and flor de sal and it builds up in the corners of the evaporation ponds on windy days. This salt  is great for cooking

Cooking Salt

This salt is raked from the base of the evaporation ponds using a roll which is a long poll with a flat plank attached vertically to one end. This salt is used in swimming pools, relaxing baths, curing ham, all types of curing.


Seeing the salt been harvested is a sight in itself but the crunching sound is like nothing I have ever heard before. The next time you are near a salt flat in the summer I recommend you take time to visit.