Via Verde Guadiana, Isla Canela

Via Verde Guadiana, Isla Canela

Guadiana greenway Isla Canela is 17 kilometres long and runs along part of what used to be the mining railway line between Herrerias and Puerto de la Laja. Trains used to transport minerals to the river which gives its name to this route in Huelva province Isla Canela.

In the 1960s the Spanish government drastically reduced its regional railway routes and closed down many train lines. Since the early 1990s, the government has been transforming these former railway lines into over 100 routes nationwide with 23 located in Andalucia.

Between the villages of Minas de la Isabel and Puerto de la Laja the Guadiana route is well signposted and maintained and you can enjoy the route walking, on a horse or a cycle, the area is also wheelchair friendly.

Some of the highlights of the route are the Puente del Lobo which has a rest area with panoramic views of the surrounding countryside, and the old station at El Sardon, as well as a Roman bridge.

While exploring this route you can also enjoy the natural and historic heritage of El Almendro 18th century windmills, Guadalupe church, Piedras Alba chapel and the natural monument Peña Maya, among others. There are also mining remains and windmills.

Spain vías verdes greenways are one of Andalucias lesser known rural attractions and a great way to discover the countryside off the beaten track.