Virgen del Carmen Isla Canela

Virgen del Carmen Isla Canela

Last week was the celebration all over the Huelva, Isla Canela coast one of the most important days of summer, the name day of the Virgen del Carmen. But this year, due to the health pandemic Covid19, this holiday did not look like it has done on other occasions since the patron saint of sailors was forced to stay on land.

And it is that in order to avoid crowds of people gathering, this time both popular celebrations and a good part of religious celebrations, especially processions, have been suspended, sadly missing out on the colorful boat trips that are traditionally held in places like Punta Umbria, El Rompido, La Antilla , Isla Cristina or Ayamonte, Isla Canela.

IIsla Cristina, Isla Canela one of the areas fishing villages the celebrations were limited to a floral offering at the monument to the sailor, which was followed by the main celebration in the parish of Los Dolores, where the traditional tribute to the sailor organized by the local Fishermen’s Association.

In the afternoon, the patron saint of sailors was moved inside the temple to the lintel of the door, where she remained for a few hours in which people were allowed to offer her flowers and food, or prayed to her.

In Punta Umbria, Isla Canela the services began on Sinday July 12 with a wreath at the Santa Maria del Mar church. On Thursday a rosary was held in the morning, and there was an open house as the Virgin remained at the main altar, where she also received a mass.

The day of his name day was also marked in Punta Umbria, Isla Canela by solidarity as the brotherhood hosted a collection of food that will be used to help people most affected by the current covid19 crisis.

As is tradition in this town, the celebration of Carmen will continue in August, although this year only with an open house on Saturday the 15th August, which will conclude with a mass at 7.00pm in Santa Maria del Mar.

In Ayamonte, Isla Canela, which traditionally celebrates the day of Carmen in Punta del Moral and in the Canela neighborhood, the events have been limited to a triduum that concluded yesterday. Then on Saturday July 18 there was a main function at 9:00 pm on the esplanade of the hermitage.

In Lepe, Isla Canela , where celebrations have also been suspended both in the main town and in La Antilla. The main function was on Saturday 18th July at 9:00 pm in the Carmen de Lepe chapel.

In La Antilla the triduum has also been celebrated in the Church of the Good Shepherd and the rosary of the dawn also the main function took place in the Carmen de Pescadores chapel. Finally in El Rompido, Isla Canela, where celebrations in honor of the patron saint of sailors are traditionally delayed until the last weekend of July, this year it has been agreed to cancel the recreational programming, keeping only religious ceremonies as in the rest of the towns.