Why Should You Buy A Property At Isla Canela?

Top 5 Reasons For Buying Isla Canela Property.

Great question and there are a myriad of answers, let me try and enlighten you a little dear reader to help you decide whether or not Isla Canela is the right choice for you…

The various regions of Spain are highly subjective and depend upon our wants, needs and different tastes. Those who are open minded as to which region to choose should clarify their priorities such as climate, future development, services, community, prices, etc. and then research those potential regions, including visits with time to explore wherever possible.

1. Isla Canela An Undiscovered Gem of a Place.

Its true, Isla Canela is relatively undiscovered by many and remains in the “real Spain” category. Spanish tourism isaerial view isla canela most prevalent here making up for around 70-80% of visitors followed by other mainly European nationalities.

For those who love beach life there are 7km of blue flag white sandy beaches, a lovely marina with cafe bars and restaurants, various boat trıps and water sports are on offer and there’s a shoppıng center. The evenings hum quietly in Isla Canela whether you are lounging under the stars at a beach bar to the sound of local DJs and salsa bands or enjoying excellent cuisine in one of the restaurants or sipping cocktails at a waterside hotel there’s always lots of memories to be made.

For a more active experience the marina in Ayamonte is only a short distance and has many authentic Spanish and international restaurants that line the water’s edge and overflow into the shopping centre, so it’s a case of taking your pick.

2. Open Spaces & Covid Friendly Isla Canela.

The beach at Isla CanelaWe are are all aware of the risks involved in visiting crowded places and nowadays many of us seek solace and safety for our family and friends. The white sandy beaches at Isla Canela are so open and vast they could never be overcrowded. Isla Canela is next to the protected Donana National Park and the Guadiana estuary with their population of countless species of birds including Spoonbills, Flamingos, Terns, Cormorants, Snipe, Fish Eagles and many more.

There will never be over development as Isla Canela is controlled and owned by one development group committed to the cause and no one else can build there. See the WIKI article here for more information.

3. Accessibilıty & Location of Isla Canela

Isla Canela is in Huelva Province in the Western part of Andalucia at the southern most tip of the Costa de la Luz, it is bordered by Portugal and so offers a mıxture of cultures.

The nearest airport to Isla Canela is Faro, which is only a 45 minutes drive and offers numerous daily flights from most International airports, both major and budget airlines fly into Faro aırport. You can also fly into Sevılle whıch is around one and a half hours drıve to Isla Canela.

4. Affordability.

Huelva Province is one of the most affordable places in Spain for both property purchase and general cost of livıng. Many people from Portugal also choose to buy property in Isla Canela as the property prices are much more affordable than the Algarve and rightly so as they have the best of both worlds.

5. Recreation

Golf is one of the most popular activities in Isla Canela in fact the island has two of the best 18 hole courses in Spain set in natural surroundings and surrounded by nature. There are beach activities and water sports including kitesurfing, windsurfing and paddle boarding, cycling is also popular and there are official bike trails of different routes and distances.


So in conclusion if you prefer packed beaches where you have to get there before 10am to grab a place, noisy bars and night clubs, crowded airports and the fast living that goes with it then you should probably head to the Costa del Sol, if however you prefer to live life at you own pace and golf is not your thing you could choose a lazy day at the beach, visiting a local market, choose from various boat trips or simply take in the ambiance of the every day goings on at the marina, there’s always something to do.

Whatever else you will enjoy quality time, and at the end of the day you can perhaps indulge in a cocktail or ice cold beer watching the sunset and afterwards there’s a choice of great restaurants and beach chiringuitos with local entertainment to end a perfect day. If this sounds like it could be for you then I think you have made your own mind up, you have found Isla Canela, a gem of a place!

Iain Parry

Isla Canela Property